“making a choice YOU can live with, living with the choice you have made”

These are all pro-choice resources. If you are looking places, be aware of fake clinics! Ask DIRECTLY if they provide abortion services.

Sample Consent Form: (Click here)
This is an example of the kind of consent form you might be asked to sign at an abortion clinic.

Financial help
National Network of Abortion Funds—abortionfunds.org
Ask your clinic if there are local funds in your area.

Religious or spiritual support
Faith Aloud ---Talk to clergy: 888-717-5010 --Faithaloud.org
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights—rcrc.org
Catholics for Choice—catholicsforchoice.org

Support after abortion
  Support talkline 888-493-0092
Exhaleprovoice.org  Talk line for after abortion support Call 866-647-1764, Text 617-749-2948
Afterabortion.com  Support for women having a hard time after abortion
2plusabortions.com  Support for women who have had multiple abortions

Information on birth control and Reproductive Health
Planned Parenthood—plannedparenthood.org

Research and information on abortion:
Guttmacher Institute—guttmacher.org
Abortion Care Network—abortioncarenetwork.org
National Abortion Federation—pro-choice.org
Abortion Clinics Online Directory—abortionclinics.com
Planned Parenthood—plannedparenthood.org
Ibis Reproductive Health—ibisreproductivehealth.org

Pro-choice advocacy
Abortion Conversation Projects—abortionconversationprojects.org
All Above All—allaboveall.org
Black Women’s Health Imperative—bwhi.org
Center for Reproductive Rights—beta.reproductiverights.org
National Advocates for Pregnant Women—advocatesforpregnantwomen.org
NARAL Pro Choice America—pro-choiceamerica.org
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health—latinainstitute.org
National Organization for Women—now.org
National Women’s Health Network—nwhn.org
National Women’s Law Center—nwlc.org
Reproductive Health Access Project—reproductiveaccess.org

Reproductive Justice
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective—sistersong.net

The Meadows Bookstore for materials on Codependency