“making a choice YOU can live with, living with the choice you have made”

Before & After Abortion was founded by Charlotte Taft — she has consulted with women about abortion since 1975 and felt an online presence would be a safe place for women to reach out.

Charlotte respects your choices. She has been a pro-choice abortion consultant for more than 30 years. She knows it takes goodness, love and courage to make an intentional decision about whether to bring a new life into the world.

If any of the statements below is true for you, take the time to work through these troubling issues before you have an abortion. You are a good woman; don't you deserve peace of mind? 

Ask yourself — Can Before & After Abortion: Making a choice you can live with YouTube videos or the audio workbook help you? 

  • I want an abortion, but I am worried about how I may feel afterwards.
  • I don't know if abortion is wrong. Will I be forgiven?
  • I think I want an abortion but can't tell anybody about it.
  • My heart says one thing and my head says another.

If you are feeling any of these, then the Before & After Abortion YouTube videos or the audio workbook may help you make a decision you feel confident about a decision that connects your head and your heart — a decision you can live with. Other YouTube videos in this series may help you work out feelings after an abortion, and assist with other related issues.

Charlotte Taft's Credentials:

1972  AB  Brown University, Providence, RI-- Feminist Studies
1974  MA  Goddard College--Social Psychology/Feminist Studies
1990-1995  Dallas Institute for Psychodrama and Sociometry
1996  Neuro Associative Conditioning Training
1987-1996  Lifespring Training. Transformational Education, Personal empowerment, team building strategies, Leadership Program, Personal and Management training.       
1998  Hypnotherapy Certification, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1999  Pain management- training, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1995- present IMAGINE! Co-Founder/Facilitator, Workshops & Consulting
Individual therapy, Executive Coaching, Staff Development, Management Team/Personal Growth Retreats and Facilitation

2009-2015  Director, Abortion Care Network
2005-2007  Adjunct Faculty Santa Fe Community College, Psychology/Sociology  
1978-1995  Director/President, Routh Street Women’s Clinic, Dallas, Texas
1976-1977  Counselor, Fairmount Center, Dallas, Texas
1973-1974  Assistant Core Faculty, Cambridge-Goddard Graduate School

Some of the Trainings I have completed
Training with Pia Mellody--Codependency Recovery
Stephen Levine-- Death and Dying
Neuro Associative Conditioning Training/Mastery University--Anthony Robbins
Feminist Theory--Sonia Johnson
Abortion and Post Traumatic Stress--Linda Sprague
On Being With Dying--Joan Halifax, Upaya
Alchemical Hypnotherapy-- Shel Goldman
Pain Management-- Tim Simmerman, Academy of Alternative Therapies

Major Magazine articles/newspaper/television
1979  Dallas Life magazine  (Dallas Morning News) profile
1984  Dallas Life Magazine (Dallas Morning News) profile
1988  Texas Monthly profile
1985  CBS West 57th Street Story on Routh Street Women’s Clinic
1985  Appearance on the TODAY Show
1985  Ed Busch Show, TV Interview
1986  CBS Sunday Morning, Show on Bill Baird
1990  Dallas Observer, Cover Story, profile
1992  New York Times-- article on victimization of women|
1993  CBS 48 Hours, Show on Routh Street Women’s Clinic
1993  McQuistion Show, Dallas Public Television
1996  Dallas Observer, Cover Story, profile
2020  A.K.A Jane Roe, Documentary FX

1981  Women Helping Women Award, Women’s Center of Dallas
1987  Distinguished Alumni Award, Low-Heywood School
1987  Texas NOW Feminist of the Year
1988  Extra Mile Award, Dallas Women’s Community
1989  Humanitarian of the Year Award, Dallas Dinner Committee
1995  Texas Human Rights Foundation Award
1996  David Grimes Lifetime Achievement Award, Abortion Care Network

Please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte if you have questions

We recommend you watch the appropriate video(s) that apply to you, then contact Charlotte.