Here are several links to help you!

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

The Rape Crisis Center and Hotline

Imagine Counseling
Practical telephone counseling to help you make your life work.

Abortion Conversation Project

Abortion Care Network

The Meadows
The most trusted name in treating the effects of trauma and addiction.

Here for you with unbiased and unconditional support - before, during and after pregnancy, no matter what choices you make.

Pregnancy Options
A safe place to explore what is right for you and free from pressures.

Free Self Tests

  • Are You grown Up Inside?
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    This self-test is designed to help you see if you are emotionally mature. If you are not emotionally mature, life can be very challenging! Fortunately, it is possible to grow up inside with some basic codependency therapy. Some women prefer to wait to have children until they are confident that they are able to handle their lives in an adult way.

  • Do You Feel Like You Are Split in Two?
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    This self-test is designed to help you see if you may be one of the small percent of women who is so deeply ambivalent and anxious about their pregnancy that it is almost impossible for them to make a decision they are confident about. If you are one of these women please seek additional help. It is likely that any choice you make will be emotionally challenging.

  • What Are Your Issues?
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    This self-test is to help you identify specific emotional/spiritual issues that you may want to work through before you have an abortion. Listening to before abortion and doing the exercises on the recording may help you work through your issues.