The Before Abortion Audio Workbook

This pro-choice counseling session is for women who want to work through their thoughts and feelings before making a choice about a pregnancy. If you are pregnant and considering abortion, you have a big decision to make. Abortion, adoption, or parenting can all be responsible and moral choices. The decision is yours to make; but you don't have to make it alone. This audio counseling session can help you sort out what choice is right for you at this time in your life, and help you make a decision you feel sure about. This audio session and any conversations with me are not intended to take the place of consultations with your physician, friends or family, or any other trusted supporter. No specific results are guaranteed.


Free Self Tests

Our Free Self Tests will assist you in making an informed decision and cover issues such as emotional maturity, ambivalence and anxiousness issues, emotional & spiritual issues.

  • This self-test is to help you identify specific emotional/spiritual issues that you may want to work through before you have an abortion. Listening to before abortion and doing the exercises on the recording may help you work through your issues. Read More
  • This self-test is designed to help you see if you may be one of the small percent of women who is so deeply ambivalent and anxious about their pregnancy that it is almost impossible for them to make a decision they are confident about. If you are one of these women please seek additional help. It is likely that any choice you make will be emotionally challenging. Read More
  • This self-test is designed to help you see if you are emotionally mature. If you are not emotionally mature, life can be very challenging! Fortunately, it is possible to grow up inside with some basic codependency therapy. Some women prefer to wait to have children until they are confident that they are able to handle their lives in an adult way. Read More
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About Charlotte Taft

Charlotte Taft, MA

Charlotte has counseled with women about abortion since 1975. She respects your choice.

I have been a pro-choice abortion counselor for more than 30 years. I know it takes goodness, love and courage to made an intentional decision about whether to bring a new life into the world. Charlotte Taft

If any of the statements below is true for you. take the time to work through these troubling issues. You are a good woman, don't you deserve peace of mind?

Can the Before Abortion audio workbook help you?

  • I want an abortion, but worried about how I may feel afterwards.
  • I don't know if abortion is wrong. Will I be forgiven?
  • I think I want an abortion but can't tell anybody about it.
  • My heart says one thing and my head says another.

If you are feeling any of these, then before abortion audio workbook can help you make a decision you feel confident about. A decision that connects your head and your heart.

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Feeling confused and not sure what to do? Click Here to get three FREE self tests that can help you now!

One out of three women in the United States will have an abortion in her lifetime. Millions more all over the world know that sometimes the most responsible and caring decision a good woman can make is to have an abortion.

It takes courage and integrity to know when it is not right for you to bring a new life into the world.

I respect your choice. Before abortion audio workbook can lead you through a process that will help you find a choice you can live with, and live with the choice you have made.

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Audio Workbook

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